Key Russian Ally Belarus Threatens ‘Cruel’ Attacks on Poland

Top officials in Belarus, a key Russian ally, are increasingly growing on edge this week about what they see as provocations—and warning that they might soon be forced into a harsh response. The head of the border committee of Belarus, Anatoly Lappo, claimed that Poland was acting “provocatively,” and that if any Polish attack takes … Read more

Biden: Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ risk highest since ’62 crisis

NEW YORK (AP) — President Joe Biden said Thursday that the risk of nuclear “Armageddon” is at the highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as Russian officials speak of the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons suffering after massive setbacks in the eight -month invasion of Ukraine. Speaking at a fundraiser for the … Read more

Zelensky calls for ‘preventive action’ to deter Russian nuclear strikes

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called for the international community to take “preventive action” to deter the potential use of nuclear weapons by Russia in the ongoing war in Ukraine. In an address to the Lowy Institute, a nonpartisan international policy think tank in Australia, Zelensky underscored the importance of “preventive strikes, preventive action” … Read more

Russian Infighting in Ukraine War Peaks With Calls for Suicide and Execution

Just over two weeks since Vladimir Putin’s latest hail mary in his war against Ukraine, things are going so well for the Russian leader that draftees are rioting, his top allies are at each other’s throats over a series of losses, and his defense minister has now been urged by his own team to blow … Read more

Russia strikes Zaporizhzhia after Putin moves to take control of nuclear plant

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN — Russia carried out a deadly salvo of missile attacks on the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia early Thursday, just hours after the Kremlin said it was formally seizing a massive nuclear power plant nearby. The barrage began with pre-dawn strikes, the first of which hit high-rise residential buildings as people slept, … Read more

Fears in Europe grow over Putin nuke threats 

VIENNA — Nuclear experts are warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats to deploy a nuclear weapon in Ukraine has put the world at its most dangerous precipice of nuclear confrontation since the Cold War. “The nuclear risk, is it as bad as during the Cold War? The answer is yes,” said Alexander Kmentt, director … Read more

Cheney knocks ‘growing Putin wing of the Republican Party’  

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) on Wednesday criticized her party for what she sees as a growing sector of the GOP that supports Russian President Vladimir Putin as he wages his attacks on Ukraine. “You know, the Republican Party is the party of Reagan, the party that essentially won the Cold War. And you look now … Read more

Putin Propagandist Yevgeny Satanovsky Says He Drafted ‘Kill List’ of Western Officials on Russian State TV

Russia’s ill-fated invasion of Ukraine is coming apart at the seams, and top Kremlin propagandists are unraveling right along with it. In the absence of good news from the front, Putin’s regime is promoting other ideas on how to deal with the self-inflicted disaster. Prominent experts routinely featured on Kremlin-controlled state television roundly reject the … Read more

Petraeus: Putin is ‘literally out of moves’

Former CIA Director and retired US Army Gen. David Petraeus said in a new interview that Russia can still inflict destruction upon Ukraine, but Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot reverse Ukrainian gains in the four regions Moscow recently annexed. “I think he’s literally out of moves,” Petraeus told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble. “He’s trying all these … Read more

Russia concedes big losses in south as pro-Putin voices paint a grim picture of setbacks

CNN  —  Russian forces appear to be buckling under growing pressure as Ukraine continues to regain territory in the south, where Russian soldiers have been forced to retreat from previously-held settlements as Kyiv progresses with its counteroffensive towards the Russian-occupied city of Kherson. A map used by the Russian Defense Ministry in its daily briefing … Read more