EU Plans TO Impose Sanctions On Organizers Of “illegal” Referendums In Ukraine

The European Union plans to follow suit with the United Kingdom and others and impose sanctions on the organizers of “illegal, illegitimate referendums” that are being conducted in four regions of Ukraine that are at least partially controlled by Moscow. “There would be consequences for all people who participate in the illegal, illegitimate referendums,” Peter … Read more

US has privately warned Russia of consequences of using a nuclear weapon

The US has privately been warning the Kremlin for months of consequences if they use a nuclear weapon in their conflict with Ukraine, according to officials. Anonymous officials told The Washington Post that the White House has publicly been purposefully vague about what those consequences would be in an attempt to build concern among Russian … Read more

EU countries split on von der Leyen’s energy crisis ideas – POLITICO

The European Commission blindsided member country governments with five ideas for tackling the energy emergency on Wednesday, and reaction by member countries was split, six diplomats told POLITICO. That’s likely to give Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen some room for maneuver ahead of next week’s State of the European Union speech, which is expected … Read more

U.S. pressure drives Russia, China and Iran closer together

America’s biggest adversaries — China, Russia and Iran — are increasingly teaming up in ways that could undermine US objectives. Driving the news: Russian and Chinese forces began major military exercises Thursday in Russia’s far east. Meanwhile, Russia has received an initial batch of drones from Iran to deploy on the battlefield in Ukraine. Those … Read more

Sanctions ‘catastrophically crippling’ Russian economy, study finds

Russia’s economy has been “catastrophically crippled” by western sanctions and the mass exodus of international companies, according to a Yale University study. The research — which the authors say is the “first comprehensive” analysis of the Russian economy — found that since the start of the Ukraine war, Russia has taken a devastating hit across … Read more

Hungary’s Viktor Orban has idea to end Russia-Ukraine war

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s populist prime minister, called for “a new strategy” to end the war in Ukraine Saturday — saying that only direct negotiations between Russia and the US can bring peace. “As Russia wants security guarantees, this war can be ended only with peace talks between Russia and America,” Orban said during a wide-ranging … Read more

Absent Turbine a Russian ‘Excuse’ to Cap Gas Flows – Germany

The German government on Wednesday Russia accused of using the absence of a turbine as an “excuse” to limit gas deliveries via a key pipeline due to go back online this week. “I would like to stress that according to our information this is an excuse by the Russian side,” a German economy ministry spokeswoman … Read more

Oil Could Climb Higher If Officials Fail To Agree On Russian Price Cap

By Irina Slav – Jul 12, 2022, 11:00 AM CDT A potential price cap on Russian oil is gaining traction among the G7. An unnamed US official has written that international oil prices could climb higher if major economies cannot agree on a cap on Russian crude. Analysts have warned against the … Read more

Germany mulls cost-sharing system amid fears of Russian gas cutoff – POLITICO

BERLIN — The German government is considering bringing an emergency law for a vote in parliament next week that would allow it to equally distribute rising gas costs between customers and companies and to rescue ailing energy company Uniper. The proposal for introducing a special gas-price levy comes amid increasing warnings that Russia might use … Read more