Meta took down Russian troll farm that supported country’s invasion of Ukraine

Meta on Thursday announced it took down two cyber espionage operations in South Asia and a Russian troll farm that sought to prop up support for the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Meta, which owns platforms like Facebook and Instagram, announced the findings in its “Quarterly Adversarial Threat Report,” also detailing its efforts to combat coordinated … Read more

Facebook accounts disabled for no apparent reason, users say

Is Mark Zuckerberg playing an April Fools’ joke? Dozens of Facebook users are complaining that their accounts have been disabled for no reason — and say the company is barring them from appealing the decisions. “Apparently my Facebook account has been disabled because it didn’t follow community standards,” one peeved Facebook user wrote on Twitter … Read more

Instagram Inches Towards Super App Status with New Messaging Upgrades

photo: SOPA Images (Getty Images) Instagram’s DM’s just got a major makeover. The overhaul, which adds seven new features to enhance the platform’s messaging functionality, comes amid a broader reimagining of Instagram away from image sharing and toward super app status. Among the features announced on Thursday is the ability for users to share 30 … Read more

How to (Finally) Switch to a Chronological Feed on Instagram

photo: DedMityay (shutterstock) Instagram has finally brought back the ability to view your feed in chronological order. The default feed on Instagram mixes recent posts with older ones, which makes it hard to tell which posts are actually new. The app also adds clutter to your feed in the form of “suggested” posts, from accounts … Read more

Instagram Reintroduces Chronological Feed Option

Instagram today rolled out new Following and Favorites feed options, allowing users to sort their feeds to see content posted chronologically from the people they follow or content just from their favorite people. The new Following option is a traditional chronological feed, and it displays the latest posts from the accounts that each Instagram user … Read more

Instagram Re-Introduces Chronological Feed With Favorites List

photo: AFP (Getty Images) You can now once again browse through vacation pics, food porn, and thirst traps in reverse chronological order. Instagram announced the roll out of two new ways to control your feed Wednesday. They’re categorized as “Favorites” and “Following,” meaning you can opt to see posts from specific accounts you mark as … Read more

Instagram brings back reverse chronological order

CNN Business — Instagram is bringing back a version of its news feed that sorts posts in reverse chronological order rather than ranked according to the platform’s algorithms. However, the company said it will leave its algorithm ranking method on by default. The new option, which rolls out to users globally on Wednesday, was first … Read more

Meta employees look to ditch jobs amid stock crash

Shares of Facebook and Instagram parent Meta have plummeted more than 40% over the past six months — and some employees saddled with underwater stock options are eyeing the exits. “Joined Goal near [all time stock high], now feeling like s—t,” one Meta employee said this week in a popular thread on Blind, a corporate … Read more