Nebraska teen and mother facing charges in abortion-related case that involved obtaining their Facebook messages

new York CNN Business — A Nebraska mother and her 18-year-old daughter are facing multiple charges in a case that involved police obtaining Facebook messages between the two that authorities allege show evidence of an illegal self-managed abortion, as well as a plan to hide the remains . Norfolk police began investigating Celeste Burgess and … Read more

Meta took down Russian troll farm that supported country’s invasion of Ukraine

Meta on Thursday announced it took down two cyber espionage operations in South Asia and a Russian troll farm that sought to prop up support for the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Meta, which owns platforms like Facebook and Instagram, announced the findings in its “Quarterly Adversarial Threat Report,” also detailing its efforts to combat coordinated … Read more

Economist slams Facebook for fact-checking recession post

A prominent economist has revealed that Facebook placed a fact-checking label on a post asserting that the US has entered a recession, giving it a “partly false” rating as President Biden continues to reject the grim assessment of the economy. Dr. Phillip Magness, the research and education director at the American Institute for Economic Research, … Read more

Facebook accounts disabled for no apparent reason, users say

Is Mark Zuckerberg playing an April Fools’ joke? Dozens of Facebook users are complaining that their accounts have been disabled for no reason — and say the company is barring them from appealing the decisions. “Apparently my Facebook account has been disabled because it didn’t follow community standards,” one peeved Facebook user wrote on Twitter … Read more

Facebook’s News Feed Boosted Bad Posts for Six Months

Image: Denis Charlet (Getty Images) A “massive ranking failure” in the Facebook News Feed promoted content it pegged as bad for the past six months. The flaw in the News Feed’s ranking algorithm elevated misinformation, violence, and the Russian state media outlets Facebook pledged to downrank in response to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine … Read more

Apple, Facebook fell for scam and gave user data away: report

Apple Inc. and Facebook’s parent company fell for an email scam and turned some user data to phony law enforcement officials, a bombshell new report said. Cybercriminals who used hacked domains belonging to multiple law enforcement agencies made bogus “emergency requests” for certain users’ information, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday. The companies handed over basic … Read more

Texting on WhatsApp could soon be very dangerous: ex-Facebook boss

The former Facebook boss has warned of a “privacy and security nightmare” for WhatsApp if major changes go ahead. The EU wants to balance the playing field so smaller apps have a chance against giants like WhatsApp – but experts are deeply concerned the move could create all sorts of issues. Under the proposals, WhatsApp … Read more

TikTok Ex Moderators Sue Over On the Job Trauma

Image: Martin Bureau (Getty Images) The small army of overworked content moderators is the public’s last line of defense against a flood of depraved and horrific content uploaded to social media. While the moderators help us normal users avoid the worst of the worst, constant exposure to humanity’s darkest impulses can wreak havoc on their … Read more

Joe Rogan slams ‘woke’ Silicon Valley tech workers for being activists instead of focusing on jobs

Joe Rogan slammed employees of large Bay Area tech firms as woke ‘activists’ on his podcast Wednesday, labeling employees for companies such as Google as ‘mentally ill’ and ‘lunatics who are running the asylum to a certain extent.’ Speaking to Silicon Valley vet Antonio García Martínez, an ex-engineer at Apple and Facebook who was fired … Read more

Joe Rogan slams woke Big Tech employees as ‘mentally ill’

Joe Rogan took aim at woke “activist” employees of large Silicon Valley tech firms, calling them “mentally ill” and “lunatics who are running the asylum to a certain extent.” Rogan made the comments on his Spotify podcast during an interview Wednesday with Antonio García Martínez, an ex-engineer at Apple and Facebook who parted ways with … Read more