Third fuel tank collapses as fire rages at Cuba oil terminal | Oil and Gas News

With help from Mexico and Venezuela, Cuba has been battling enormous blaze at major oil terminal in Matanzas. A third crude tank caught fire and collapsed Monday at Cuba’s main oil terminal in Matanzas, the regional governor has said, as an oil spill spread flames from a second tank that caught fire two days earlier … Read more

Here’s how the Inflation Reduction Act’s rebates and tax credits for heat pumps and solar can lower your energy bill

It’s not the prettiest, or even most fulfilling, part of upgrading a home. But more energy-efficient heating, cooling, power and water usage can net savings that really adds up for household budgets and for doing right by the planet. Congressional action this weekend and into next week looks to return more incentives, mostly via tax … Read more

More human remains discovered as drought dries Lake Mead

LAS VEGAS — More human remains have been found at drought-stricken Lake Mead National Recreation Area east of Las Vegas, authorities said Sunday. It’s the fourth time since May that remains have been uncovered as Western drought forces the shoreline to retreat at the shrinking Colorado River reservoir behind the Hoover Dam. National Park Service … Read more

Parliamentarian weakens Democrats’ drug plan in Inflation Reduction Act, as Senate prepares to vote

The Senate parliamentarian on Saturday dealt a blow to the Democrats’ plan for curbing drug prices but left the rest of their sprawling economic bill largely intact as party leaders prepared for the first votes on a package containing many of President Joe Biden’s top domestic goals. Elizabeth MacDonough, the chamber’s nonpartisan rules arbiter, said … Read more

Pride on the canal: Huge crowds at Amsterdam water parade

AMSTERDAM — Hundreds of thousands of spectators lined Amsterdam’s historic channels Saturday to celebrate Canal Parade, a Pride flotilla of 80 brightly decorated boats packed with people partying, singing and waving rainbow flags, balloons and umbrellas. The boats representing rights groups, bars, clothing brands and even the Dutch military made their way slowly through the … Read more

Beluga whale caught in France’s Seine not accepting food

PARIS — French environmentalists are working around the clock to try and feed a dangerously thin Beluga whale that has strayed into the Seine River. So far, they have been unsuccessful. Marine conservation group Sea Shepherd France tweeted Saturday that “our teams took turns with the Beluga all night long. It always ignores the fish … Read more

In France, a battle to save weakened whale lost in the Seine

SAINT-PIERRE-LA-GARENNE, France — French environmentalists were hoping Friday to feed a catch of herring to a worryingly thin Beluga whale that has strayed far from its Arctic habitat into France’s Seine River. They fear that the ethereal white mammal is slowly starving in the waterway that flows through Paris and beyond. “We are in a … Read more

Great Barrier Reef areas show highest coral cover seen in 36 years

In this photo provided by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority the Hardy Reef is viewed from the air near the Whitsunday Islands, Australia Jumbo Aerial Photography | Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority via AP Two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia recorded the highest amount of coral cover in nearly four … Read more

Growing popularity could be undone by one accident

21 July 2022, Bavaria, Essenbach: Water vapor rises behind sunflowers from the cooling system of the nuclear power plant (NPP) Isar 2. Picture Alliance | Picture Alliance | Getty Images Nuclear energy is at an inflection point. Early exuberance about its potential was undercut by a series of devastating and dangerous accidents: Three Mile Island … Read more

3 charts show Europe’s unprecedented natural gas crisis

Europe is facing an unprecedented gas crisis. Picture Alliance | Picture Alliance | Getty Images Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis that’s pushing the economy closer into a recession and posing serious questions about the region’s climate change ambitions. CNBC takes a look at how Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin, is squeezing gas … Read more