Could sea corals be used to treat CANCER? Scientists discover ‘holy grail’ chemical in soft corals

Could sea corals be used to treat CANCER? Scientists discover a ‘holy grail’ anti-cancer chemical in common soft corals off the Florida coast The chemical, called eleutherobin, has been shown to have cytotoxic properties It was first found in a rare coral off the coast of Australia in the 1990s Since then scientists haven’t been … Read more

NASA warns deadly ‘SHARKCANO’ where mutant sharks live in an acidic undersea crater is erupting

‘Sharkcano’ is erupting! NASA satellite images capture a plume of discolored water emitting from the Kavachi Volcano where mutant sharks live in an acidic underwater crater Satellite images show a plume of discolored water being emitted from Kavachi The data suggests volvanic activity on several days in April and May 2022 Kavachi has been dubbed … Read more

The 2022 winners of prestigious Milky Way photography competition revealed

Sprinkle a bit of stardust on your day by gazing upon these sensational shots of the Milky Way.   They are the 25 images claiming gold stars in the annual Milky Way Photographer of the Year competition run by photography blog Capture the Atlas. The photos show dreamy night skies cascading over countries including the US, … Read more

Tonga eruption on a par with Krakatoa, study says

Tonga’s volcanic eruption in January produced the strongest recorded waves from a volcano since the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, scientists say. Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, an underwater volcano in the South Pacific, created sound waves heard as far as Alaska 6,200 miles away when it erupted on January 15. Researchers say the eruption was ‘on … Read more

Huge green fireball is seen streaking across the sky in Britain

A huge fireball has been filmed streaking across the sky in Britain. The dazzling meteor burned up over the south west of England just after midnight on Thursday, with sightings in South Wales, Hertfordshire and West Sussex. UK Meteor Network (UKMON), which runs a network of 153 detection cameras recording meteors and fireballs over the … Read more

Some Antarctic ice shelves have GROWN in the last 20 years despite global warming

Parts of Antarctica have actually gained ice during the last 20 years, new research reveals, despite the continent suffering significant loss due to global warming. Researchers say that sea ice, pushed against ice shelves by a change in regional wind patterns, may have helped to protect these ice shelves from losses. Ice shelves are floating … Read more

Astronomers see a nova explosion on a white dwarf for the first time

Astronomers in Germany have spotted a fiery ‘nova explosion’ from a white dwarf for the very first time. Researchers observed the event, thanks to data from the joint German-Russian eROSITA X-ray telescope, which is stationed in space about 900,000 miles away. The X-ray flash – dubbed YZ Reticuli – completely overexposed the center of eROSITA’s … Read more

Scientists discover that eyes from organ donors could be ‘brought back to life’

Is death actually reversible? Scientists discover that eyes from organ donors could be ‘brought back to life’ in major breakthrough Eyes from donors responded to even dim light ‘the way they do in the living eye’ Cells in the retina respond to light and even communicate five hours after death If these extend to the … Read more