Overwatch sixth anniversary event offers ‘remixes’ of popular skins

overwatch is bringing back some of its most popular seasonal events to celebrate the game’s sixth anniversary. in the overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 1, overwatch will open its vault, allowing players the chance to participate in the many special events of seasons past and earn “remixed” versions of some of the game’s best skins.

The first week of the anniversary celebration starts on April 5th with the return of the Summer Games event and overwatch‘s Rocket League-like game mode Lucioball. If trying to score goals with an oversized soccer ball using nothing but a sound gun wielded by a frog DJ isn’t as appealing to you as it is to me, the next day’s event brings back Halloween Terror and, with it, overwatch‘s very own zombie horde mode.

In addition to replaying the seasonal game modes, the overwatch Anniversary Remix event gives players the opportunity to earn all the season-specific and weekly challenge skins they may have missed out on. Players can also earn new “remixed” skins, which seem to be white-colored variants of old legendary cosmetics.

The overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 1 is one of three anniversary events for this year and lasts until April 25th, just in time to kick off the closed overwatch 2 beta starting April 26th.

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