Man Regrets Ignoring Long Distance Call From Space

The ISS is a research platform born from a foreign policy initiative to improve US-Russian relations

Most people are used to not answering calls from unknown numbers but user EmpatheticApatheist on social media site Reddit is highly regretting his decision to not pick up a call he was getting from space. Posting on the TIFU subreddit, which stands for Today IF***** Up, the user didn’t pick up a phone call he was getting from a friend who was aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Detailing the incident he said, “This happened two days ago (Sunday). A friend of mine is currently on his second mission to the ISS. I saw a call come in on my iPhone and the caller ID said “Us Gov.” I first had that thought / feeling you get when the principal calls you to their office. “Crap. What did I do that I thought I got away with but maybe I didn’t?!” I was in the middle of something with a bunch of people and showed them what it said on my phone and everyone was all “Don’t answer it!” Between everyone’s suggestion and my gut feeling of being in trouble, I felt it to voicemail. Turns out it was my buddy calling from SPACE. I had a chance to speak to someone who wasn’t on Earth and screwed it up. First thing he said in the voicemail was “You probably saw a call from Us Gov and turned it down.” I know he’ll call again, but damn I feel like an idiot right now.””

The post has received over 60,000 upvotes with over 1,500 comments.

User whoo_me commented saying, “Who on Earth would be ringing me at this hour?” while user bettycrockerpot wrote, “Those long distance charges bout to be insane.”

The International Space Station is a research platform, about the length of a football field and is orbiting some 250 miles (400 km) above Earth. The ISS was born in part from a foreign policy initiative to improve US-Russian relations following the collapse of the Soviet Union and end of Cold War rivalry that spurred the original US-Soviet space race.

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