Lawyer claims Jerry Jones paid millions to woman who has filed paternity suit against him

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One of the various controversies swirling around Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is intensifying.

Via Don Van Natta of, a lawyer admits that he delivered millions from Jones to the 25-year-old woman who has filed a paternity suit against him.

“On numerous occasions I have made payments on behalf of Mr. Jones to Cindy and Alex Davis,” lawyer Don Jack said in a statement issued to Jack said the payments “ultimately totaled over $2 million.”

Jack’s admission comes at a time when the parties are squabbling over whether Alexandra Davis seeks money from Jones or whether she simply wants him to acknowledge the fact that he is her father. The Cowboys claim that Davis sought $20 million. Davis’s lawyer denies that.

“The facts clearly show that millions of dollars have been paid, and on top of that, a $20 million shakedown attempt was made. I think this speaks for itself as to the motives,” Cowboys external spokesman Jim Wilkinson told Van Natta.

Wilkinson declined to comment in response to the obvious question of why Jones would have paid so much money to Davis and her mother, if Jones wasn’t Davis’s father. But Wilkinson has said plenty as it relates to the contention that Davis, who has received millions from Jones, wants more.

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