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What a cruel day for some people

Today is the day of getting tricked that your favorite franchise is coming back: only to be crushed seconds later. Fun! Here’s a gaming April Fools’ Day 2022 recap.

Gaming April Fools’ Day 2022:

Saints Row announces a “limited edition one million dollar” version that I bet someone in the world would actually buy:

This Switch Stacker from Vooks could be a neat concept if it was real, as it lets you swap Switch carts that you plug into a dock:

Leaked: New Nintendo Switch Stacker, store and play up to 12 game cards under your Switch Dock

New Blood “delays all their games to 2023:”

Guilty Gear? More like Guilty Bear:

Platinum Games “announces multiple games” in a strange press conference in character:

Razer shows off the “HyperSense Suit” in a Metaverse/tron parody:

Among Us gets a “Horse Mode:”

Several games are doing googly eyes, including overwatch and Magic Arena:

The fact that the eyes just float there is so hilarious to me for some reason. from Overwatch

HyperX Japan announces the “grass” line of products:

The fake Sonic Frontiers limited edition is themed around a bath:

G2 Esports “announces an Esports fast food” chain:

It feels like the golden era of big publishers making games that are actually real is mostly over. There’s still some people carrying on the tradition! But now it’s mostly just renders and fake commercials. I’m always so mixed on these. Some of them feel like a corporation was forced into this by higher-ups for engagement, and it shows. Some of them look like the studio is actually having a bit of fun.

In most cases, it’s free market research/metrics to see if people would actually say something. I mean, what a perfect time to announce a fake NFT grab, then go “haha actually it was a joke!” while you get to check out those sweet metrics on whether or not people would want to buy NFTs for your game. 2022 everyone.

In any case, the tradition carries on of “why aren’t some of these real?”

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