Google Photos updates its library and sharing tabs to make photos easier to find

Google Photos is getting a pretty significant layout change that should make it easier to find the photos and albums you’re looking for in the library and sharing tabs.

The update transforms the current library tab layout from a mishmash of albums, favorites, and on-device folders to a grid or list view that you can sort through by category. Meanwhile, the Photos sharing tab will now have sections specifically for partner sharing, shared albums, and conversations. Google says the changes to the sharing tab are arriving on Android this week but are “coming soon” for iOS.

Google is introducing grid and list view layouts for its library tab.
Image: Google

Aside from that, Photos is also getting a cool feature dedicated to importing your photos from locations outside the platform. This will let you add photos from other photo storage services, upload photos straight from the camera, as well as digitize physical photos and film. But of course, none of this matters if you’ve run out of storage on Google Photos (or are close to it), as the company officially ended free unlimited storage last year.

This shortcut will take you directly to screenshots you’ve recently taken.
Image: Google

Assuming you are still able to fit your collection into Google Photos, the platform’s also adding a shortcut located at the top of your main photo grid that takes you straight to your screenshots — while excluding them from the backup process — in addition to “a carousel of contextual suggestions” on Android that will make it possible to text, crop, search, or copy text from a screenshot. The number of screenshots I have hogging my Google Photos storage (that I’m too lazy to delete) is embarrassing, and I have to say I’m glad there’s a feature that acknowledges the fact that I don’t really want to backup the screenshotted memes I send my friends.

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