Blue Jays Extend Manager Charlie Montoyo

We missed by a game, but ill never believe it’s the managers fault for losing a game, regardless if it was the manager who made the move.

Whatever move he made, be it a pitching change, pinch hit, defensive substitute, reorder the lineup, move a guy up or down the lineup switch a LF to RF, it’s up to the players to execute.

The players have made it to MLB because they are the 1% of the 1% in their respective fields. They should be able to throw a strike, throw to 1st, hit 2nd or 7th, play RF and LF if asked.

I remember Semien throwing a game away at first in the 9th late in the summer

Teo running into an out late in a game that could have been tied

Late game OF miscues by I believe Palacios early on

Bullpen blowing a few games early, not just chatwood

We had Jake Lamb starting at 3B for over a week!!!

The Jays missing the playoffs by a game wasn’t because of Montoya and his inept decision making.

He didn’t ask Semien to spike the ball over to Vlad. He didn’t sign Chatwood, He HAS to use the players he’s given and hope they perform up to their capabilities.

The manager just fills out lineup cards and typically goes to the best available replacement player when one is required (pitcher batter or feilder) and 99% of the time it’s an obvious choice that any random Joe who has even mediocre baseball acumen can make. Until such time as injuries and fatigue make it so that 13th BP guy eventually needs to be used in a close game or a kid you didn’t really want in a close game gets his first MLB appearance

Is it Atkins fault Chatwood was on the team. Yes but given what we know about how difficult it is to attract players North of the border did he really have any choice?

Shapiro and Atkins are playing behind the 8ball

Montoya is playing behind the 8ball.

They are doing a great job with what they have. They should be applauded for the job they have done after what they inherited

Any failure at this point falls on the players. As currently constructed they have as good a chance as the other big boys to make a run.

This isn’t rocket science, See ball hit ball. See ball field ball, throw ball accurately, catch ball thrown to you. Play up to your potential or exceed it and ANYONE could manage the Jays to a WS.

You telling me Cito was some sort of baseball savant?


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