Hubble identifies unusual wrinkle in expansion rate of the universe

Over the past 30 years, the space observatory has helped scientists discover and refine that accelerating rate — as well as uncover a mysterious wrinkle that only brand-new physics may solve. Hubble has observed more than 40 galaxies that include pulsating stars as well as exploding stars called supernovae to measure even greater cosmic distances. … Read more

Here’s what happened during Boeing’s ‘nail-biting’ spacecraft docking

The mission kicked off Thursday evening with a Florida launch, and the Starliner — which is designed to carry astronauts but is flying without people for this test — docked with the ISS Friday night at 8:28 pm ET. The docking occurred about an hour later than expected as ground crews worked through a few … Read more

Starliner launches to remain on Atlas 5

WASHINGTON — Boeing and United Launch Alliance say they remain committed to launching future CST-100 Starliner commercial crew missions on Atlas 5 rockets even after that vehicle is effectively retired for other missions. As with the Orbital Flight Test (OFT) mission in late 2019, an Atlas 5 launched Starliner on the OFT-2 mission May 19. … Read more

Hubble Space Telescope spots streams of star formation flowing between galaxies

Stars from colliding galaxies flow together in a newly upgraded image from NASA’s venerable space telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope has been hard at work for more than three decades, and scientists have never lost their fascination with the observatory’s vast archives. Take, for example, this “river of star formation,” NASA officials termed it in … Read more

Could sea corals be used to treat CANCER? Scientists discover ‘holy grail’ chemical in soft corals

Could sea corals be used to treat CANCER? Scientists discover a ‘holy grail’ anti-cancer chemical in common soft corals off the Florida coast The chemical, called eleutherobin, has been shown to have cytotoxic properties It was first found in a rare coral off the coast of Australia in the 1990s Since then scientists haven’t been … Read more

NASA’s Voyager 1 Space Probe From the ’70s Troubled by Mysterious Glitch

NASA’s 45-year-old Voyager 1 spacecraft, a marvel, is cruising along outside our solar system and still staying in touch with Earth. But it’s presented its team with what NASA is calling a “mystery.” It’s operating normally but sending back some weird telemetry data. The issue likely traces to Voyager 1’s attitude articulation and control system … Read more